NSWSOA Members' Race Bonus Series

Unfortunately, due to COVID19, HRNSW has cut its' contribution (a NSW Owners Certificate for each NSWSOA Bonus Race Winner) from the NSWSOA Member's Bonus Race Series this year. But, we have been able to attract a new sponsor for the Series, in Australian Pacing Gold (APG).

With that sponsorship, APG have given the Association a $1,500 Credit Voucher to award to each Bonus Race Winner, to go towards the purchase and sustaining of a yearling at the 2021 APG yearling sales.

The NSWSOA will continue to contribute $500 cash to each Bonus Race winner + also this season, each horse (whose Managing Owner is a Member of the NSWSOA) will receive $100 cash for starting in a Bonus Race.

As such, the total bonus attached to each NSWSOA Member's Bonus Race will be $2,000.

(Made up of the $1,500 APG Voucher plus $500 cash from the NSWSOA (No contribution from the Clubs this Series).
The New South Wales Standardbred Owners Association (NSWSOA) Bonus Race Series will be held between August through to November 2020.

2020 NSWSOA Bonus Races

This season, there are nine (9) NSWSOA Bonus Meetings planned (four races at each Meeting, excluding Menangle where every race on the card will be a NSWSOA Bonus Race):

This season, there were nine (9) NSWSOA Bonus Meetings conducted, congratulations to all Members who received $50 from the Association, just for starting in a Bonus Race and to those Members who were lucky enough to also win a Race Bonus.

Margaret Morris - Agent Maori
Harry Martin - I Am Serengeti
Lyn Fitzpatrick - Jay OK

Brendan Micallef - My Fuioso Toro

John Starr - Ideal Match
Wayne Loader - Cowgirls n Angels

Greg Targett - Saint Julien

Wayne White - Alta Billy

Joel Goringhy - Voltage

Geoff Corrigan - Slick Sophie

Cheryl McDowell - Chezmac

Lex Crosby - Lexy Moo

Lex Crosby - Listen to Lexy

Gary Punch - Nifty Jolt

Molly Turton - Fastestgirlintown

Mick Sullivan - Five Star Retreat

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