Racehorse Welfare / Rehoming 

Harness Racing NSW and the NSW Standardbred Owners Association are committed to the welfare of standardbreds. The maintenance of appropriate welfare standards is critical to the viability of the NSW Harness industry.

The purpose of the HRNSW Welfare Policy is to ensure that the welfare of registered standardbred racing horses is maintained whilst they are involved in:


  • Racing;

  • Training;

  • Activities associated wtih racing and/or training;

  • Breeding.

“Welfare” of the registered standardbred means protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of the animal, including for example:

  • The wellbeing of the animal;

  • Housing conditions;

  • Transport conditions;

  • Drug control relating to equines;

  • The prevention and management of diseases that may affect animals.

    For further information or to read the full HRNSW Policy Statement (19-Aug-16), click on the link/s above.