AVOCA JAD - Bay Gelding (1992) by SOUFFLE USA out of NICHOLLES GIRL (Raced until November 2000) $48,189 prizemoney

Trail Riding at Kurrajong

Avoca Jad (on the right), Light Horse Parade in Sydney

Thankyou to Alan Panton, owner of Avoca Jad for sending this story in (January 2017).


Born in 1992, bred and owned by Col Fletcher of Parkes, I acquired Avoca Jad through the rescue program 15 years ago when he was 9 years old.

He has a beautiful temperament, very forgiving and turned out to be - and is still a great trail horse. I have taken him on endurance rides, have participated with the Richmond  Light Horse, rode with the Mounted Police out of Victoria Barracks and when on Light Horse duties, in the city of Sydney.


He also spent a year at the R.D.A at Orchard Hills where he just slotted into a routine with disabled children on his back. He will go where ever I want him to go when I am on his back. He has never ever bucked or kicked.


Although he is now 24 and lacks fitness, he still looks in good shape and thinks he is 10. When he has been sick or slightly injured, he seems to know I am trying to help him and will let me do what I need to do to get him right. He brings me home safe and I hope we still have many more years together.


I would recommend any Standardbred from the Rescue Program provided he has been looked after and treated with kindness as my horse was.

Jad ,he is the Bay on the right when in the Light horse at the Conservatory of music Sydney and on the trail racing through water...