2017 - 2018 Annual Awards Night - Trip to China Winner

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The winners of the 2017-2018 Trip To China, Tony & Karen had a great time in China recently. 

This was the major prize at the 2017-2018 Awards Night, sponsored by Ovation Travel & Cruise Planners.


"I was lucky enough to win the Major Prize at the Standardbred Owners Association Awards night in November 2018 which was a trip for 2 to Beijing donated by Ovation Travel as well as $1,000 spending money from the Standardbred Owners Association.

The accommodation we had was in the best location, central to the main Mall shopping area and 2 subway stations for catching the trains.


Our first day trip was to Tiananmen Square with our tour guide Kai who was very knowledgeable, this is an amazing place steeped in History, we also visited the Forbidden City which is the huge, it comprises of 90 Palace quarters all of which has their own courtyards. It has over 980 buildings. We spent a lot of time looking at the beautiful buildings and the ornate roof tops.


A lot of people in Beijing don’t know the full history of the Tiananmen Square events as social media is not allowed ie Google or Facebook. Everything is monitored. Even while we were there we were advised to be careful what we posted on social media.


Even when the weather is a bit drizzly there is still lots to see in Beijing, we were within walking distance to 2 amazing gardens being Jingshaw and Beihia. These are huge in size with beautiful flower displays and ornate statues everywhere. One of these gardens, Beihia garden, has a massive lake in the middle where you can hire paddle boats to go around on.


Our second organised day trip was to the Great Wall and the Emperors Tomb. We only managed a small section of the Great Wall due to time constraints. The views are amazing once you get to the top sections. We were told that the wall has had to be rebuild in places in the past due to the farmers along its path taking rocks from the wall itself to use on their actual farms. Apparently in the past it didn’t have a great significance. Now it is protected so hopefully the farmers don’t take any more rocks.


On our free days we caught the subway trains, very easy to understand and very efficient way to travel. We went to the Silk Markets, which have the copy version of the high end fashion. We also went to the Olympic Park and walked down the Olympic Ave which has the most amazing manicured gardens and decorated displays.